Token Tracker... built, Hooray!

Last night I spent some time creating the first version of the Token Tracker form. Basically, I want to be able get the stories. When a token is found... oh, by the way, I'm going to call them tokens, not buttons. It just seems nicer to me. :) Anyway, when a token is found, received, or given I'd like to know when, where, and how it went down. Then I'll share some of the more interesting stories on the website, just so people get a better understanding of what this project is about. And, if you haven't figured it out, it's about love.

Cultivating love in the world is hard. This is a simple attempt to bring a random bit of love to people when they don't expect it but, hopefully at a time they might need it. My hope is, that bit of love can be felt through the giving or receiving of these tokens. Which reminds me, I need to go work on the ins-n-outs of the sharing process. Better go do that...

Love, The Cultivator