...a little step back, in my head. 

I've spent the last month, or so, brainstorming just how this was all going to rollout. Making notes in my notebook, on post-its, scraps of paper, back of my hand ... pages and pages of ideas, good and bad. I'm a little concerned about the bad part of that last statement. Last night when I was lying in bed, I was thinking about how I really needed to keep it simple at first. This project was intended, from the onset, to be low cost so, for now, many of those ideas will go on the back burner. The slow rollout will begin soon, and local. And when I say local, I'm looking your way Portland (Oregon, of course). But, just because it begins local, that doesn't mean it will stay local. In fact, I don't think it can help but spread out across the country. More tomorrow. 

Love, The Cultivator