...morning we were out grocery shopping. I was wearing one of the Tokens and, for the first time, someone noticed it and said, "I like your button." I replied with a thank you and continued to shop. That's when my lady love turned to me and said, "Hey, aren't you suppose to pass that on?" I guess I was in shock, she was right, I had failed to do what I had intended with this project. 

So, I hunted the guy down. I ended up finding him in the checkout line. I handed him the Token and pointed out the URL on the edge. I explained the idea of the project and asked if he would be willing to wear it and pass it on. While annoying the clerk, we continued to talk. He said he noticed it because he was a "button guy" and that he would definitely pass it on. I thanked him, introduced myself, and shook his hand. 

Thanks Tom. I'm looking forward to your Token Tracker form to come in. 

Love, The Cultivator