About Those Little Buttons

Cultivate Love is a social experiment. The goal of this project is to spread the idea of unconditional love across the world. How? Simply by passing one inch buttons (referred to as tokens) between people and communicating with each other. The motto to follow is “Find It. Wear It. Share It.

Find It

To be able to pass on these little tokens of love, you have to acquire one. Tokens will be left in public places for anyone to find. To help people who are interested in this experiment find one, I will be tweeting out the locations on @cultivate_love. Follow and turn on notifications so you’ll never miss a chance. You can also Find It when you pass people in public. If you notice someone wearing a token, talk to them. Ask them how they acquired it and maybe, just maybe, they’ll be willing to pass it on to you. The one thing I ask, please document when, where, and how you found it by filling out the Token Tracker form. 

Wear It

Yes, if you are lucky enough to have one of these tokens in your possession, I would like you to Wear It. Preferably, in public. Do you have to? No, I suppose not. It does sort of ruin what I’m going for here so, that’s a bit disappointing. Come on, just Wear It. 

Share It

This might be the most important part of this project. These tokens are NOT meant to be kept. I’d like you to share them, unconditionally. Whether you Share It with a family member, friend, or complete stranger, pass the token on with a tender heart and without limitation. Remember, you're not passing this on because someone is worthy of it but simply because everybody needs to be loved. Be sure to have a conversation with the recipient. Tell them how you came to possess the token and why you’re passing it on to them. Also, fill them in on the project and where they can learn about it (ahem, this website). Lastly, I would love it if both of you would fill out the Token Tracker and let me know how that interaction went. I plan to periodically publish those stories on the website, so people can have a better understanding of what this project is about. And, if you haven't figured it out, it's about love, unconditional love.

Cultivating love in the world is hard. This is a simple attempt to bring a random bit of love to people when they don't expect it but, hopefully at a time they might need it. 

Love, The Cultivator